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555-0143. That's what his left butt cheek says, anyway.

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Q: What is Quagmires phone number on family guy?
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Which season is meet the quagmires in family guy?

Meet the Quagmires is episode 18 of season 5 of Family Guy.

What are the ratings and certificates for Family Guy - 1999 Meet the Quagmires 5-18?

Family Guy - 1999 Meet the Quagmires 5-18 is rated/received certificates of: Canada:13+ (Quebec)

What is the episode to family guy where he goes in the past and changes everything?

Meet the Quagmires

Which season of Family Guy is Quagmires Dad in?

Season 8|Episode 18

What is the Back to the Future family guy called?

Pretty sure you're referring to Meet the Quagmires

What are the release dates for Family Guy - 1999 Meet the Quagmires 5-18?

Family Guy - 1999 Meet the Quagmires 5-18 was released on: USA: 20 May 2007 UK: 28 August 2007 Hungary: 27 May 2009

Where can one hear an audio clip of Mr Night by Kenny Loggins?

You Can Hear It In The Family Guy Episode Entitled Meet The Quagmires.

In which Family Guy intro does Peter fall down the stairs and crushes the dancer?

Whistle While Your Wife Works

Who is the alien on Family Guy?

Wrong show. Roger is on American Dad.Although he did make a cameo appearances in Meet the Quagmires & Bigfat

What Family Guy episodes does death appear in?

Death Is A Bitch Death Lives Meet The Quagmires I take Thee quagmire perfect castway and many more

What songs are played in Family Guy episode It takes a village idiot and you married one In the beginning when Peter sits on Quagmires couch and the disco ball drops from the ceiling?


In which Family Guy episode does Quagmire text Peter?

There isn't an episode that features Peter and Glen in school together but you may be thinking about Season Five|Episode Eighteen Meet the Quagmires