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Could you try writing this question again so it makes a modicum of sense?

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Q: What Family guy episode wait for the beep answer phone?
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Well on the episode when Peter has a herni... wait... this question has nothing to do with Family Guy!

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Well, If there is like a Pave Low, Attack Helicopter, Attack Harrier, etc. Pull out the stinger, look down its scope, aim at the helicopter, harrier, pave low, etc. then wait for the Beep beep beep beep... BEEP! when you hear the last beep end, shoot the rocket. (In other words its only vehicle lock-on.)

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I believe on iTunes.

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If someone has a pager, and you want to reach them, just dial in their number, and leave a number (numeric) message when told to do so, such as your full phone number (area code too) and he/she will get back to you. Soon after you hang up, their pager will ring or rumble, and they will look down and see your phone number and they can come to you, use a pay phone, or cell phone to call you whenever.

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Its Episode 6!

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Yes there is a code. But those in the know do not tell as from factory they have universal code. This allows any old Joe to unlock a legacy without a key unless reprogramed. Few workshop managers know this and will not release to prevent aiding theives. Fair enough. This could be changed for you at a dealership hopefully. If you pull the handle once then wait for short beep then again, wait for short beep and on your fourth pull the beep will be a long beep to show you have it wrong. If you have time you could try the 1111 to 9999 combination possibilities.

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Check the episode guide or just wait for it

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