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She doesn't have a phone, she's a witch.

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Q: What is Luna lovegoods phone number?
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Does luna lovegoods farther die?

no. he doesn't die

Who is Luna lovegoods best friend?

The sprits of the earth

What are Luna lovegoods glasses for?

They are Spectrespecs, used to see 'wrackspurts', which according to Luna are creatures that float in through your ears and make your brian go fuzzy.

What is Luna Lovegoods fannmail address?

If you have a post-owl, it will deliver her your letter without an address. Otherwise you have asked the wrong question.

Who lives nearest to the Weasley's home?

the Lovegoods live nearest to the Weasleys. Luna and Xenophelius live in a house that is shaped like a chess rook.

When is Luna lovegoods birthday?

Her exact birthday is unknown but she was born between September of 1980 and August 1981.

Does Draco like Luna in Harry Potter?

It is very unlikely that any Malfoy would be attracted to someone outside Slytherin, and certainly not to as eccentric a family as the Lovegoods. Pureblood is an extremely important concept to Draco, he is probably unable to even notice that Luna is a girl.

What is the phone number of the Rasey Memorial Branch Library in Luna Pier?

The phone number of the Rasey Memorial Branch Library is: 734-848-4572.

What is the imei number of nokia 8600 Luna?

Enter: *#06# on your phone, and press the "Dial" key to see your IMEI number

What is the most famous phone number?

In the United States, the most famous phone number is 911. It's the emergency number and almost everyone knows it. In other countries, their emergency numbers are probably the most famous number.

What kind of plums are outside Luna lovegoods house in Harry Potter?

The third hand-painted sign tacked to a broken-down gate read, "KEEP OFF THE DIRIGIBLE PLUMS." This was outside of the Lovegoods' house that Ron remarked, "...[L]ooks like a giant [chess] rook!"This information can be found in Chapter Twenty Xenophilius Lovegood, page 398 in Scholastic Edition ofi arry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling.

What is Luna number?

she dont have fone