What is LP Version?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The version on vinyl, or a record (the LP at 33.3 RPM). I remember when there were 45 RPM records, usually just 1 song each side, and LP records or albums, which had the Long Playing version of songs, with, sometimes, repeated choruses, etc...Earlier vinyl records had 78 RPM records also.

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Q: What is LP Version?
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What is MLPS in music CDs?

Mini LP in sleeve. Instaed of a standard jewel case it is a cd packaged in a miniature version of an LP or record sleeve.

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A Collection of Beatles Oldies LP (British Only)

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What is the single or LP album index of Tommy Steele version of Young Love song?

the song was featured on the young love ep

Wayne newtons version of love of the common people?

Search it on Youtube or Google. I have it on CD and on LP but don't recall which album it was on. It is out there though.

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Which record label first produced Magical Mystery Tour?

Emi/Parlaphone in Britain July 20, 1967. Intresting to note the original Magical Mystery Tour album was two ep's and not a full sized LP. The American version was released as a LP with additional singles to fill out the album. The british ep changed to the American configuration LP in 1976