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It means Justin Bieber's album has a large number of sales (the album has been purchased by many people) so if many people buy it. it became'd a record Never Say Never (the remixes) was at billboard no.1 position the album was the no.1 album bought by the people so it became's a record in the selling of album so we say record sales

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Q: What is Justin Biebers record sales?
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What is the name of Justin Biebers record label?

Island Records

What is Justin biebers special talent?

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What is Justin biebers record company called?

Its called school boy records

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her name is jasmine villegas she is an actress/singer and she has a record deal.

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What is Justin Bieber worldwide record sales?

it is 157

What was Justin Biebers CD called?

Justin biebers CD is called my world

What is Justin Biebers date of berth?

Justin Biebers date of birth is March 1,1994

What is Justin Biebers favourite boys name?

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How old was Justin Biebers when he became a celebrity?

He got a record deal from Island Records in 2007, so 13.

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