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One Less Lonely Girl<3

Hope this helped!

Au Revoir!;)

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It will just be the same Justin Bieber!

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Q: What is Justin Biebers name in french?
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What is Justin Biebers name mean?

Justin is French Origin and the meaning is Just or true. Hope that that satisfies you!

What is Justin Biebers favourite boys name?

Justin and biebers

What is the name of justin biebers new fragrance?

Justin Biebers new fragrance is called Someday.

What langes can justin biebers grandmother talk?

french and enlish

What is Justin Biebers Enthicity?

He is of French, German, and Ukrainian descent.

How do you say justin biebers favourite food in french?


What is Justin biebers birds name?

Justin drew bieber

What is Justin Biebers true name?

Justin drew bieber.

What does Justin Biebers name mane?

Justin Drew Bieber

What is Justin biebers horse name?

i hate Justin bieber

Why did Justin Biebers parents name him Justin?

Cause that's what they wanted to name him....

What is Justin Biebers midke name?

Justin Bieber's middle name is Drew :)