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Jack is feeling guilty just as Ralph and Piggy are.

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Q: What is Jack feeling as he trots toward Castle Rock?
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What is Jack feeling and the three others trot toward Castle Rock?

Jack feels a mix of excitement and anticipation as he and the three others trot toward Castle Rock. The thrill of adventure propels him forward, while a sense of camaraderie with his companions strengthens his resolve. The unknown future that awaits at Castle Rock adds an element of mystery to their journey.

Where is Jacks camp located in lord of the flies?

Jack and his tribe make their headquarters at the Castle Rock.

Where is the setting of jack and the beanstalk?

In the castle

Where is Jack on RuneScape?

There are several NPCs called "Jack". One of them is "Explorer Jack", which you can find north of Lumbridge Castle.

What is Ralphs atittude toward Jack?

he likes Jack at first but then hateshim when Jack becomes savage.

The name of the place on the island where Jack resides?

Castle Rock

Where is the setting of jack and the bean stalk?

In a castle in England i think !

What has the author Jack Davies Jones written?

Jack Davies Jones has written: 'Carisbrooke Castle Museum'

Which boy climbs across the neck leading to Castle Rock first in the book The Lord of the Flies?

Jack leaves for Castle Rock first when he forms his own tribe and has to defend himself from Ralph's tribe.

Why was tamworth castle built in its location?

Tamworth Castle was built in the centre of Tamworth so the people who lived in the castle were able to watch over the whole town.

What made jack's mother well again?

Jack's mother was made well again by a magic beanstalk that Jack grew, which reached up to the giant's castle in the sky. The giant's castle had a magical harp that played beautiful music and when Jack brought it back down, the music made his mother well again.

How would you start a summary on the book of Haunted castle of hallows eve?

The haunted castle on Hallows eve is about how Annie and jack get sent to a mission