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He didnt actually sing before he was famous, he was trying to rap before he got famous.

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Chris Brown was a student at Essex County High School in Virginia, before becoming famous.

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Run it was his first song

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Q: What is Chris Brown first song ever?
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What is Justin Biebers first song he ever sung not made by him?

Forever by chris brown

What is Chris Brown's first song?

Chris brown's first song was "Run It" with juelz Santana

What was Chris Brown's first song?

NEVER CHNAGE is CHRIS BROWNS very first song AND it is a very beautiful song gee i shure is hungry kann yalls feeds mees

What was chris brown's 1st hit single?

run it was chris brown's first song duhhhh<<<<<,3333333run it was chris brown's first song duhhhh<<<<<,3333333

What is Chris Brown's top song?

His top hit is RUN IT!" Its a really hot song from his first album"Chris Brown

Chris Brown first song?

Run it

What year did chris brown's first song come out?

chris brown i don't think you wrote the song "home"

How old was Chris Brown when his first song came out?

Chris Brown was 15 years old.

What puppet did Chris Brown do a song with?

Chris Brown did a song with Elmo.

What is the name of the song and artist that has the line in it Forever forever ever forever ever ever?

forever - chris brown

What is chris brown very first song?

His first song was Run It featuring jJuelz santana!

What was the first song chris brown did with his hair blonde?

Is it run it