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Q: She's breakin' them jeans in what Chris Brown song?
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Shes breakin in jeans in what Chris Brown song?


Who is chris brown's girl friend?

Jasmine shes a model

How old are Chris Brown sisters?

this is chris browns cuz.he only has 1 sister my cuzin Angela and shes 26

Who are Chris Brown's brothers?

Chris brown does not have any brothers. He does have an older sister. Her name is Lytrell Bundy. She is not in the spot light and works in a bank.

Do Chris Brown and jordin sparks date?

in my opinion they look really good together chris and Rhianna look horrible together

Is Rihanna happy that shes not going out with Chris Brown anymore?

i think she should be happy she can live her life without him

Is Chris Brown related to Patricia Cox?

yes he can date Peyton cox and he is dating Peyton cox and shes 18

Does Chris Brown have a brother os sister and what are there names?

he has a sister called lytrel, and shes older. dont think he has a brother.

Do rhiana and drake go out?

yes rhiana is going out with drake and not only that shes going back out with chris brown go on youtube and type in what did chris brown give rhiana on her 21st b day and did she take him back

Who has a monkey that's wild?

rihanna has a stupid monkey that's why she got beat up by Chris brown hes awesome shes not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Rihanna back with crisbrown?

On Rihhanas interview she said she has no desire to be with Chris Brown.. Well shes got a point he has been abusing her

Why is Chris Brown abusing Rihanna?

chris brown was textin another girl when rihanna found out he texting other girls she got pissed off and threw the phone at him so it all started after a min. chris brown hit back a women near by reported a woman an d man fightin but she didnt know who it was but later found out it was chris brown and rihanna ( That's what the News said when Chris Brown went to quart, i WATCHED IT) :)