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i believe its thank you in his first album

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Q: In what song does Chris Brown tell his mom that he loves her?
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Did Chris Brown tell God to take to angels to hell?

No Chris Brown did not tell God that.

Does Chris Brown have a girlfriend if he does tell who she is?

Chris brown is dating Rihhanna.

Who is Chris Brown's song Say Goodbye about?

Say Gopodbye is about you breaking up with someone but you dont know how to tell them.

Chris Brown and rihanna?

But you would get back with Chris Brown if he hit you. He's Rich and He would tell you to retire

Did somebody tell Chris Brown to cry at the Bet Awards?

Nobody told Chris Brown to cry at the Bet Awards.

Is Chris Brown going to die because he has HIV and will he die at early age?

There is no way to tell if Chris Brown will die of early age and there has not been an official statement from Chris Brown confirming if he has HIV.

You are in love with Chris Brown how do you tell him?

yU CAn CALL a PHOne and like TAlk tO hIM AND teLL hIM

What are chris brown's favorite songs?

he likes music by Michael Jackson. You can tell because he made a song (the song is she ain't you) deticated to Michael and used his beat. He also said that his inspiration is Micheal Jackson.

When will Chris Brown tell us who he is dating?

chris tell you the truth, i really don't think he will. knowing him he would probably be like beyonce' and keep his private life separated from the public.

How do you get a 5th grade boy to like you when you are in 6th grade?

say i wanna be friends,your beautiful,sing a chris brown song,and tell her that you like her...but really you have 2 have the courage...

Is Chris Brown coming to South Carolina?

Um not tell 2009

Is Chris Brown's disease curable?

No DiseaseAs far as we the public knows Chris Brown does not have a disease. Chris Brown has never said he has a disease, so if Chris Brown does have a disease we won't know until he tells the public.