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say i wanna be friends,your beautiful,sing a Chris Brown song,and tell her that you like her...but really you have 2 have the courage...

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Q: How do you get a 5th grade boy to like you when you are in 6th grade?
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What grade are you in when your 8 years old?

If the boy/girl started school late, 4th grade If the boy/girl started school early, 6th grade If the boy/girl started school on time, 5th grade

Can you kiss a boy when your in 5th grade?

you CAN kiss a boy in 5th grade

Is it likely that a 7th grade boy would like a 6th grade girl?


How do you get the boy you like to like you back in 5th grade?

It depends on how old you are now...

You and the boy you like are both 12 your in the 7th grade and he is in the 6th grade is this okay to go out with him?


How do you get a fifth grade boy to ask a fifth grade girl?

get them to become friends then after a will like 6th grade ask her out

How do you make your crus like you in 5th grade?

Dependa what kinda boy he is

How do you ask a cute 5th grade boy if he likes you sense he hugs you most of the week but your in 6th grade and you like him?

ask him out he is trying to get you to date him or if you want to take him by suprise kiss him the next time he hugs you.

What does it mean when a 7th grade girl starts dating a 5th grade boy when she is supposed to be in 6th grade?

Read He's Just Not That Into You. Basically same message. Its complicated.

How do you know if a 6th grade boy like you?

well im a boy and what a boy do is stare at you not talk to you (not like ignoring you) and would ask you to hang out

What is the average grade for a 6th grade boy?


If a boy in 6th grade picks on you does he like you?

i think he might there are like a bunch of of boys in my 6th grade class now who picks on me and i told my mom she said that they like me. (PS i hope this worked for you)