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If the boy/girl started school late, 4th grade If the boy/girl started school early, 6th grade If the boy/girl started school on time, 5th grade

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usually 5th or 6th grade. Normally you turn 11 sometime during 5th grade or the summer after 5th grade, and then are also 11 when you begin 6th grade.

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2nd or 3rd

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Q: What grade are you in when your 8 years old?
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You are 8-9 years old in 3rd grade.

What age would you be if you are in third grade?

8 years old

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Skye Jackson is 8 years old (she is in 3rd grade)

How old is a child in 2Nd grade?

normally 7 or 8 years old

Can you be 8 and 9 in fourth grade?

Yes most students are 8 or 9 years old unless they are repeating the grade.

What age are you in 2 nd grade?

6 to 8 years old!!

What grade should you be in at a specific age?

The US has various school ages. This depends on gender, intelligence levels, social abilities, and age.Kindergarten (K) - 4/5/6 years old.1st Grade - 5/6/7 years old.2nd Grade - 6/7/8 years old.3rd Grade - 7/8/9 years old.4th Grade - 8/9/10 years old.5th Grade - 9/10/11 years old.6th Grade - 10/11/12 years old.7th Grade - 11/12/13 years old.8th Grade - 12/13/14 years old.9th Grade - 13/14/15 years old.10th Grade - 14/15/16 years old.11th Grade - 15/16/17 years old.12th Grade - 16/17/18 years old.These ages are the aapproximate for US students. No child under 4 can be admitted to a Public Elementary School. Students can remain in High School typically up to their 21st birthday.

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Probably wonder why you have a boyfriend when you are only 8 years old.

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