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His real name is Anthony

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Q: What is Antz real name of brokencyde?
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What is antz real name from brokencyde?

antz real name is anthoney, im not sure about last names but i hope this helps (i love brokencyde)

What is se7en from brokencyde rael name?

Se7en's real name is David Gallegos, Mikl's real name is Mike, PhatJ's real name is Jason, and Antz real name is Anthony.

How did antz join brokencyde?

antz joined brokencyde when Se7en and Mikl promoted their group online which is the same way Phat J joined

What does Antz do in BrokenCYDE?

Antz does the fog machines and lights and stuff at their concerts He also does some scream in the songs (:

Who are the people in the band BrokenCyde 13?

First, its just BrokeNCYDE or BC13, Not BrokenCyde 13. second, its Se7en, Mikl, Antz and Phat J

Are antz and mikl from brokencyde brothers?

Yeah, mikl said it in an interview:)

What is Antz of brokencyde's age?

antz is 21 years old. his birthday is on june 4, 1990

Who are all the memmbers in brokencyde?

There is Mikl,Se7en,Antz,and Phat J. Se7en is the best though!

What is Phat J's real name from brokencyde?

His real name is "Julian McClellan"

How do you say se7en's name from brokeNCYDE?

his real name is SEXY

How old is Mikl from Brokencyde?

Michael "Mikl" Shea from brokeNCYDE was reportedly 25 years old in 2010.

What are the real names of Mik L and Phat J from Brokencyde?

Phat J of Brokencyde's real name is Julian. I should know... I gave it to him on the day he was born!