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There are a few that come to mind, for different couples, different times, whatever. But what I think of the most when I read this question is episode 26 of InuYasha: The Final Act. In it, InuYasha and Kagome kiss, and of course, three years later in the same episode, get married. Sango gives birth to hers and Miroku's third child, a beautiful baby boy. Kouga and Ayame also get married, which I think is really cute. It was funny when they were like "make sure you don't get whipped!" and he started blushing too. Also, some might consider it as Sesshoumaru and Rin fluff too but because he brought her another kimono, and she's living with Kaede so she'll be able to make a more informed decision "when the time comes", if you know what I mean.

Another one that's cute is episode 90, of InuYasha. It has implied Inuyasha/Kagome, and of course that whole crush thing with Souta and Hitomi is adorable.

And whatever episode Shippou and Koume are in. They were cute too.

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Quite a few;


















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Q: What inuyasha episodes are romantic?
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no. even in the manga they don't.

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