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There is no episodes that show Inuyasha in his mortal form being "sit".

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Q: Does kagome ever sit Inuyasha when he is human?
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Which episode of Inuyasha does Inuyasha dare kagome to sit him in?

episode 100

What episodes does kagome tell inuyasha to sit?

Episode 38 Inuyasha- "damn she's asleep already" Kagome- "Inuyasha..." Inuyasha- "Huh? she's taking in her sleep is she dreaming about me?" Kagome- "Sit." (from the English dub)

What episode does Kagome slap Inuyasha across the face?

...never, I guess..... When ever Kagome wished to dicipline Inuyasha she merely said 'Sit Boy'. there is an episode where kagome wakes up really quickly and slaps inuyasha. idr the episode though. ^.^i

What is episode does kagome put the sit collar back on inuyasha?

The first episode!!

What episode does kagome yell sit boy to inuyasha?


What inuyasha episode did kagome say sit 16 times?

in episode 109

What does osuwari mean?

Osawari means sit in Japanese. Its commonly used as a command for dogs. Most people who have watched the Japanese version of Inuyasha would recognize it as the command Kagome uses on Inuyasha.

Where did Inuyasha and kagome met?

kagome went to school and saw her brother in the temple and sota tried to get kagome 'cat and the demon grab her and went to the well when she realized she is on a forest then she saw inuyasha pined on a tree and the villager saw her and shot arrows and then they tied her up and then the old priestess looked at her and thought she was a demon then she realized kagome she not a demon then one night old priestess gave her food then the demon came to take the shikon jewel and kagome ran to the forest but the demon chased her then kagome called for help then inuyasha woke up with creepy face and he saw her and thought she is kikyo but she said she not kikyo then the demon tie inuyasha and kagome then inuyasha ask her to pulled put the arrow and inuyasha was relased from the tree and killed the demon then he also wanted to shikon jewel and he said if she didnt give the shikon jewel he will scatch her back and then inuyasha ran and chased her and kagome drop the jewel and all way to the bridge and inuyasha chased and the old priestess gave inuyasha the necklace and kagome said sit. the end

What episode of inuyasha does kagome sit at the well bcause inyasha was with kikyo?

that episode is called return to the place we first met

What Inuyasha episodes are they when Inuyasha has turn into a full demon and is fighting sesshomaru and kagome tells him to sit to save his life?

It's actually in the 3rd movie, Swords of an Honourable Ruler. (I LOVED that movie)

In inuyasha what episode was when inuyasha and kagome were in hearts?

Actually, it happened in the 2nd movie, not an episode. Inuyasha tracks Kagome down and tries to take her back with him, but she school stuff to do, so they get into a fight on a sidewalk, inside a photo booth, while a crowd gathers to hear them. Sota puts in money to take pictures, so they can see how they are making a scene. Inuyasha even tried " Iron Reaper, soul stealer" on the booth, as it is taking pictures, and Kagome "SIT's him. It's very funny.

What happens to kagome in inuyasha?

This is according to the Anime. Kagome realizes she loves him, but doesn't want to get in the way of Inuyasha and Kikyo. So she keeps quiet about it. But Naraku finally kills Kikyo. Kagome goes back to her own time for some tests and whatnot, but her family had gone a trip they won for a hot springs visit. Inuyasha comes to bring Kagome back, and they almost kiss in her room, but Sota (Kagome's younger brother) and her mom and grandpa come back and Sota comes in. So she says "Sit" to make it seem like they weren't about to kiss and all. In the second to last episode (in The Final Act), Naraku is killed, but he wished on the Shikon Jewel that Kagome would be sucked inside the crescent thing the Black Tetsusaiga can make. She's sucked inside and Inuyasha was unable to grab her. Then the Bone Eater's Well disappears on both sides, and Kagome's family is totally grieved. Inuyasha swings the Black Tetsusaiga, and jumps through. Kagome is in this black expanse of nothingness with the Shikon Jewel, and it is trying to get her to wish upon it. But she perseveres, convinced that Inuyasha will save her. Inuyasha, on the other hand, is battling the demons that Midoriko(the priestess that created the Shikon Jewel) had made Shikon Jewel out of. The Shikon Jewel then tells Kagome to wish on it for Inuyasha to be there with her. She was about to, but Inuyasha defeated the demons and cut a glowing line, which brought him to Kagome. He then kisses her, and she wishes that the Shikon Jewel would disappear forever. It does, and she and Inuyasha pop up on the Bone Eater's Well in Modern Era. Kagome rushes to greet her family, which had been waiting for 3 days since the well disappeared, but as she turns around, Inuyasha is sucked back into the well to the Feudal Era. Kagome tries to get through to the Feudal Era, but the well stopped working. In the Feudal Era, however, the well also appeared back in its original place, and Inuyasha climbs out alone. Then it skips 3 years, and Shippo has gone to the Fox Demon Exam (mentioned earlier in The Final Act), Miroku and Sango are married and having their third child, Rin is living with Kaede, and Inuyasha helps Miroku with his exorcists and whatnot. But every 3 days, Inuyasha would go back to the well and attempt to get through to Kagome. Meanwhile, in Kagome's world, she had just finished High School. She then comes to a realization as she gazes into the well with her mother, and sees a sky at the bottom. Her mom tells her to go, and Kagome jumps in. Inuyasha picks up her scent and runs to the well, where he meets her again. Then they get married.