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welke gitaar?

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Q: What instruments does Taylor Lautner play?
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Can Taylor Lautner play an instrument?

Taylor Lautner can play two instruments, piano and guitar. Isn't that SO cool!

Does Taylor lautner play any instruments?


What does Taylor Lautner do for fun?

Taylor lautner love to play football and baseball

What kind of instruments does Taylor lautner play?

He doesnt play anything, i dont think. He is an Athlete

Who does Taylor Lautner play in Twilight?

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black.

Does Taylor Lautner play shark boy?

Yes. Taylor Lautner does play shark boy! Look in the credits if you don't believe me.

Does Taylor Lautner play in degrassi the boiling point?

No, Luke Bilyk is the actor you probaby thought was Taylor Lautner.

Who is the actor that play sharkboy?

Taylor Lautner

Wha does Taylor Lautner like to do in his spare time?

Taylor Lautner likes to play football or baseball in his spare time.

What is Taylor Lautner full name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner Taylor Daniel Lautner

What is Taylor Lautner's real name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner is Taylor Lautner's full birth name; his real name is Taylor Lautner.

Who did Taylor lautner play in cheper by the dozen?

Eliot (: