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No, Taylor Lautner does not speak Dutch.

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Q: Does Taylor Lautner speaks dutch
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What is Taylor Lautner's main language?

Taylor Lautner speaks english, but is of French, German, and Dutch descent

What languages are spoken by Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner speaks only English

What is Taylor launter's heritage?

Taylor Lautner is German, French, Dutch, and Native American.

What culture is Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautners ethnicity is German, Dutch, and French

What languages does Taylor Lautner speak?

Taylor Lautner speaks fluent English , french, spanish, and now currently knows some quilliute Indian language.

What is Taylor Lautner full name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner Taylor Daniel Lautner

What is Taylor Lautner's real name?

Taylor Daniel Lautner is Taylor Lautner's full birth name; his real name is Taylor Lautner.

What is Taylor Lautners enthisicty?

Taylor Lautner is part French, Dutch, German, and Native American (specifically from the Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes).

Is Taylor Lautner gay?

No Taylor Lautner is not gay

Is Taylor Lautner a Jew?

No he is not. His heritage is French, Dutch and German. No, Hitler, he's Catholic.

Where does Taylor Lautner's ancestry come from?

He's French, German, Dutch, and something else Native American :)

Is Taylor Lautner Philippino?

No. He is of French, Dutch, German, and Native American (specifically Ottawa and Potawatomi) ancestry.