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no Taylor Lautner is a free man

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Q: Is Lily Collins married to Taylor Lautner?
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Who played Collins in the blind side?

Lily Collins, Taylor Lautner's girlfriend and star of Abduction.

What is Taylor Lautner's marital status?

Taylor is not married. He's actually in a relationship with actress Lily Collins, his Abduction movie co-star. :)

What is the name of Taylor Lautner's girlfriend 2010?

Lily Collins

Who is Taylor Lautner daing?

Yes, he is currently dating Lily Collins.

Are taylor lautner and lily collin dating?

as of right now, no taylor lautner and lily collins are not dating

Are Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner still dating?

Yes they are still dating

Is Taylor Lautner in a relationship with Bella throne?

Heck no. He is dating Lily Collins.

Does lily Collins have a boyfriend?

I heard it was taylor lautner

Does chandler Taylor have a girlfriend?

Taylor Lautner just recently broke up with actor Lily Collins.

Who is Taylor latner's girlfriend?

Taylor Lautner's Girlfriend is Lily Collins

Has Taylor Lautner got a girlfriend?

He is rumored to be dating his Abudction co-star Lily Collins

Will Taylor lautner going to be on a show called abduction?

yes he is he's gonna be in it with lily collins. i cant wait to see it