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haha ummmm a ROCK

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Q: What has cleavage in One Direction?
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What minerals have only one direction of cleavage?

Mica minerals have only one direction of cleavage. Examples are Muscovite and Biotite.

What cleavage is talc?

Perfect in one direction but often does not show.

Mica has one direction of what so it breaks into sheets?


Mica has one direction of so it breaks into sheets?


What is the cleavage of talc?

talc's cleavage is perfect in one direction, basal.

Does blue topaz have cleavage?

Yes, it is perfect in one direction, basal.

Mica has one direction of blank so it breaks into sheets?


Compare and contrast a mineral fragment that has one cleavege direction with one that has only fracture?

One that has only one cleavage direction will only fracture in one direction/angle to the matrix of the rock. One that only has fracture would fracture in no specific direction and is probably something like obsidian, which fractures conchoidally, like glass.

How does the cleavage of feldspar differ from the cleavage of mica?

Biotite (black mica) and muscovite (white mica) are both minerals that have perfect basal cleavage--one direction. It cleaves into thin sheets. Feldspars (albite, oligoclase, andesine, labradorite, bytownite, anorthite) have good cleavage in two directions at nearly right angles, poor in a third direction.

What is cleavage in anatomy?

Cleavage is a mineral's tendency to break along flat, parallel surfaces (cleavage planes). Excellent cleavage direction reflects light in one direction, it is considered basal, or book cleavage. Biotite and muscovite have excellent cleavage. Good cleavage reflects light in one direction from a set of many small flat surfaces, augite and gypsum are examples. Poor cleavage directions reflect light form surfaces that are hard to detect, and this is true for sulfur.

Does serpentine have Cleavage or fracture?

Serpentine is a general name for 5 different minerals. These are antigorite, clinochrysotile, lizardite, orthochrysotile, and parachrysotile. Antigorite and lizardite have cleavage in one direction. The others have fracture.

What is the dominant of breakage for Muscovite Mica?

Muscovite mica has perfect cleavage in one direction. It splits into thin sheets.