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It hurts a lot!!

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Q: What happens when you hammer your thumb?
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Can a hammer break your thumb?

If you hit your thumb hard enough then yes.

Why does your left thumb nail bed hurt?

Because you hit it with a hammer.

A sentence with the word oath?

He uttered an angry oath after hitting his thumb with a hammer.

What happens when you get a bump on your thumb?

i have a bump on my thumb do u reackon it is broken

What happens when you tap zirconium with a hammer?

Pretty much the same thing as happens when you tap aluminum with a hammer.

What happens if you step on your thumb?

It hurts.

Difference between Winchester model 37 and 37a?

The main difference is that the hammer and the thumb lever to break it open are reversed. On the 37, the hammer was rear and the thumb lever was farther forward. the 37a is reversed. the 37a also had a gold colored trigger.

What are the release dates for Room 222 - 1969 I've Got the Hammer If You've Got the Thumb 5-1?

Room 222 - 1969 I've Got the Hammer If You've Got the Thumb 5-1 was released on: USA: 14 September 1973

What happens to the hammer's momentum after the hammer hits the nail?

The momentum and energy is transferred to the nail.

What happens to a can after hammering it?

After you have hit a can with a hammer the can will be smashed

What is a thumb-buster?

A single action revolver, so named because the hammer must be cocked by the shooter's thumb each time the weapon is fired. The Colt Peacemaker is an example.

How hard do you have to hit your thumb for it to break?

well if u hit it with a hammer it should do this: take a hammer and put your finger flat on a surface, then without winding back to far bang your thumb. trust me this works. ( WARNING this will cause excoriating pain) in order to do this u gotta want it