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it is used to hammer stuff

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Q: What is a scutch hammer used for?
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What is comb hammer used for?

A Comb hammer (also called a Scutch hammer) is used to shape rough stones when building a dry stone wall or a masonry wall. It is similar is design to a to a rock pick/hammer with a sharpen pick like nose or as the name suggests a flatter broader face like a comb.

Hammer for what it is used for?

A hammer is used to apply force

What is a hammer used with brads?

The Warrington Hammer is used with brads. :D

Ball been hammer is used for what?

Ball been hammer is used for what

What is a planishing hammer used for?

A planishing hammer is used for smoothing and shaping sheet metal.

Different between claw hammer and peen hammer?

A claw hammer is used for pulling nails and is most commonly used by a carpenter or other wood workers A pien hammer is used by blacksmiths, mechanics and other metal workers.

Is the hammer a lever?

Depending on what you are using the hammer for. If the hammer is been used to pull up a nail then yes but if its been used to hammer in a nail then no. For something to be a lever it must have a fulcrum which the curve on the hammer works as as you try to pull out a nail.

What is the part of he hammer that is used to pull out nails?

The part of a hammer that uses leverage to remove nails is the 'claw', usually located on the back of the hammer. The 'face' is the front of the hammer used to drive nails.

What is rebound hammer?

A rebound hammer is a non destructive hammer used to test various things such as concrete.

What is the most common hammer used in the agriculture industry?

claw hammer

Which tool is commonly used to test for the hardness if a mineral?


Who has used a hammer?