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You are able to chat, draw and communicate with them using your DS. Depending on the System you own, it may possibly be different.

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Q: What happens when you can connect with other people in pictochat?
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How do you get friends on pictochat on DS?

you and 1-15 other people must be with in 65 feet or closer to each other and be on the same pictochat channel of pictochat.

How is the face on the 3ds pictochat?

The face on the 3DS is not pictochat, as the 3DS does not support it. The face is the Friend List where you can register other player's 3DS via Friend Codes.

What can the Nintendo DS do?

you can play gameboy games and Nintendo ds games on it you can ds download onto other peoples games and pictochat with people on it

Can you get any other color than black on pictochat on a DS?

No, you cannot.

How can learning spanish connect to your community?

If the community happens to speak Spanish, then learning Spanish would indeed help you communicate with other people.

How far can you pictochat with a Nintendo DS i?

All versions of the Nintendo DS use wi-fi to connect to other DS's in range. As with most other wi-fi devices, the range is around up to 50 meters, but it can work further depending on interference and if anything is in the way.

What happens if you connect a negative battery terminal to a positive in a Nissan Sentra 2007?

Nothing as long as you did not then connect the other cable.

What are some hacks for dsi?

There is Lots Of Secrets Here some! -colour in pictochat if you click the draw button twice you get to colour on pictochat -Super Mario Song go to dsi sound and tap "Record and edit a sound" then wait about 30 odd secs then the Mario song comes on! -New Faces in pictochat If you take the :) in pictochat and over lap it with :| you get a diffrent face you can aso mix other faces too -Brandon

How does PictoChat on Nintendogs work?

Well, it's all the fun of having a dog wihtout the hassle or mess, you can play with them, wash them, feed them, enter contests and games and even play with other dogs.

Can you connect with other people on minecraft?


When does Katie and Kaitlyn show up on animal crossing wild world?

it only happens when you connect with other people in wifi/ds to ds. it's really rare.

Can you text to a cell phone from Nintendo 3ds?

The Nintendo 3ds is not attached to a phone number so it cannot directly text a cell phone. You can connect to Wi-Fi through the device and send text and other messages via email and other messaging services.