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Let us look at the record. First of all there was a legitimate Singing Nun, Soeur Sourire- literally sister smile (another translation is (i know this sounds funny- Sub-Laugh) She recorded the very popular song Dominique. Later, the story was adapted into a motion picture starring of all people , the very non-religious type Debbie Reynolds and a Motorscooter- which the original nun did not use- some problems with headgear from Religious habits and inter alia ( by then) motorcycle helmets! a Nun on a motorcycle- well it does not quite wash with holy water!- hardly the cloister type. Record albums were done on the Singing Nun- the motion picture. The Flying Nun with Sally Field is a later, television comedy with religious overtones. Nun but the bave venture into the tv ratings fray. I hope this is of some information, if not Faith or Charity offerings- actually Jeannine Deckers, the Belgian (not French, but the song is French) Nun who recorded Dominique left the convent and was involved with copyright-royalties things from record sales, something not normally permitted religious. so it goes.

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Q: What happened to the nuns who made a record a few years ago called the nuns Chorus and can the music be bought?
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