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they took it off the website

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Q: What happened to match by mental on HPFF?
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What happened to match by mental on HPFF you managed to read to chap 40 as someone posted it on wattpad but why isn't it on HPFF anymore or can someone tell you what happens please?

I still google match by mental every year or so just hoping against hope that the author will have somehow turned up or that someone out there has found her name so that I can read other things she has written. I've thought several times about finishing Match myself just so that I can have an ending. I hope that I don't learn some day the author had a real life "a fault in our stars" ending. I personally believe she just stopped writting due to a depressive episode or maybe she just got really busy with finals or something. It just strikes me that someone could pour their personality and time and effort into making such an interesting world and then just stop before it's finished. Maybe she just had a breakdown kinda like the girl who writes the "hyperbole and a half" blog. I just want the author to know that she still has fans that think about her story and Ze and who would pay money or write letters or bake cookies or illustrate panther filled murals just to read something written by her. I hope she googles herself now and then and that she comes across one of these that I have written. If she does. maybe she can google me or something I'm on the internet - - I make photos and things. Maybe we can trade. Maybe we can be penpals.

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