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your nails get tow long and go all black

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Q: What happened if you don't cut our nails?
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How do you get strong nails?

dont cut them for a very long time

Does hamsters need there nails cut?

yes they do dont ask me how though dont know that

How long do your nails grow?

as long as you will let them just dont trim, file, cut, chew, or break them.

Why not to cut nails on Saturdays?

There is no reason to not cut your nails on Saturday.

Can you cut chicken nails?

Yes, a chickens nails can be filed or cut.

What happens if you dont cut your dogs nails?

You should be careful and use the correct tool to avoid adverse effects.

Im getting acrylic nails done and i dont no to cut them short or leave them somewhat long ish?

You can either cut them short or leave them somewhat long

Do you have to take a guinea pig to have its nails trimed?

no, you can do it yourself with nail clippers, just make sure you dont cut the quick.

Why do you do not feel pain to cut your nails?

We dont feel pain on cutting our nails because nails are formed my the accumulation of dead cells.

How do you cut our nails?

By the nail cut. It should cut nails, and remove dirt from them. It also needed to be in its own place, to not lose it.

Should you have cut nails for horseback riding?

Nope, you don't have to cut your nails to ride horses.

What grows under your nails if you dont cut them?

something green/blue/orange/purple/yellow that stinks that makes up sweat