Do stiches hurt

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were ever you got the cut they numb it and then they put in the stiches so they dont really hurt

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Q: Do stiches hurt
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Does it hurt when you get stiches out?

It does not hurt when you get stiches out because there not touching your skin and there not pulling the stich all they do is take scissors an cut them it does not hurt it feels very good when you get them out i know i not to long ago had stiches it hurt going in but felt very good coming out.

If someone gets stiches does it hurt if they they don't have numbness?

Yes it does hurt because there doing it with your dry skin so it does hurt when you get stiches without numbness

Can you play with stiches on the head?

Yes, you can but it will hurt!

Does it hurt when you get your stiches taken out?

When you get stiches taken out, it doesnt hurt much, but you can feel a small pinch evert now and then. I know because i broke my arm 4 times and the very first time i got stiches. Then i broke the other arm three times and on the third time my arm needed stiches.

Does getting stitches hurt?

Only the injection of local anaesthetic stings. The stiches afterwards are painless.

How do you spell stiches?


How many stiches are on a base ball?

108 stiches

What is the meaning of stiches?

Stiches is made in sewing with needle and thread

If you crack your head does it hurt?

not really it happened to me 2 years ago your in shock so much that it dosent hurt i had 2 get 25 stiches on the out side and 15 on the inside i did not feel a thing!

How many sticthes are on a baseball?

There are 108 double stiches on a baseball double stiches look like this \ /. but individual stiches there would be 216.

How many stiches are there on a baseball?

108 stiches on a baseball. That's a lot

Who sings 37 stiches?

Drowning Pool sings 37 Stiches.

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