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In the shootout scene at the Kenyan lodge, one of Fantom's men uses a C/96 Mauser pistol when trying to assassinate Quartermain. Quartermain uses a .455 Webley revolver, and his rifle "Matilda" is a type known as the Express Rifle.

British soldiers (including Fantom's men dressed as fake British soldiers) use Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk. I rifles. Fantom's second-in-command also carries a .455 Webley revolver in the scene where Fantom's men (disguised as British soldiers) attack the Zeppelin facility in Berlin.

Captain Nemo's pistol is a product of Hollywood fiction. It's an outer casing intended to change appearance, and the basis is a Tokarev TT-33 pistol.

Captain Nemo's men carry modified STEN submachineguns. This one is interesting, as the STEN didn't enter production until 1941, so one would've thought that an outer casing would've been used to disguise the weapons' appearance.

The automatic rifles used by Fantom's henchmen are a custom outer shell, wrapped over either AK-type rifles, Thompson submachineguns, or Uzi submachineguns.

Agent Sawyer wields two Winchester Model 1873 rifles and two Colt New Army revolvers.

The character of Dorian appears to have a long barreled artillery model P08 Luger.

There's a double barreled shotgun of an unidentified type used in the hunting lodge shootout scene, as well.

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Q: What guns are used in the movie the league of extraordinary gentlemen?
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