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Well, in episode 117 hes all wet and shakes like a dog to gett the water off?

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Q: What episodes does inuyasha act like a dog?
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What episodes did sesshomaru turn into a demon?

Episode 7 called showdown Inuyasha vs. sesshowmaru

Which inuyasha episode does sesshmoraru turn into a dog deman in front of rin?

inuyasha the final act episode 17

Is inuyasha a cat or a dog?

Inuyasha is half dog demon. inu means dog, neko means cat.

Where could you find Inuyasha in temple of the dog fanfic?

In inuyasha fanfiction dog form

Does Inuyasha have car or dog ears?


Is Inuyasha a werewolf?

Inuyasha is a half dog demon and half human. His dad was a Full dog demon while his mother was human, which makes Inuyasha a half demon.

What Inuyasha movies go after the episodes?

The movies are more of an individual story line on their own rather than an actual part of the anime. They can be fit into the anime, but are more independent than anything else. The first movie fits 4-8 episodes after Inuyasha defeats Ryoukutsei and learns the backlash wave, and the second fits in the middle of Naraku's disappearance after Inuyasha and Shesshomaru kill him, but before the introduction of the band of seven

Who is the Boy With Dog Ears?


Why Inuyasha have Dog Ears?

because he is a half DOG demon

Does Inuyasha like cats?

Like any good dog demon, Inuyasha doesn't exactly have an "affinity" for cats, but because he's a sentient, intelligent being, it's not like he chases after every cat that he sees. Kagome's family cat, Buyo, seems to have taken an interest in Inuyasha, and they have "played" together when Inuyasha has visited Kagome at the shrine in her timeline.

What is Inuyasha brothers name?

Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older brother. Unlike Inuyasha tho, Sesshomaru is a full fledged dog demon. While Inuyasha is only half

What type of dog is inuyasha?

er... the demon kind! ~ Though InuYasha is a Half dog demon, creator Rumiko Takanashi has stated that InuYasha and his brother and Father are modeled off of the Japanese Inu-Akita, hence his cute fluffy ears.