Can inuyasha fly

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no. he can not fly but he can jump really high. inuyasha can not fly because he is a dog demon not a bird demon.

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Q: Can inuyasha fly
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Who is kagura in inuyasha anime?

she is the part of naraku's body and she can fly from her feather also she very pretty

How many series of inuyasha are there?

There are two- 'InuYasha' and 'InuYasha the Final Act'.

How many inuyasha series are there?

2: Inuyasha and Inuyasha- The Final Act.

What is Inuyasha's real name?


Who plays the Demon Version of Inuyasha?

Richard Cox does the voice of Demon Inuyasha. He plays both Inuyasha and Demon Inuyasha. I hope that helped.

Will there be an episode with inuyasha and kagome and inuyashas baby?

No because Inuyasha: The Final Act is the last series of Inuyasha and that didn't have Inuyasha's baby.

Who did inuyasha pick?

inuyasha picked kagome

What is the last season of inuyasha they made in 2009?

Inuyasha the Final Act is the newest season of inuyasha.

Will kagome be with Inuyasha?

Kagome and Inuyasha got married in Inuyasha The Final Act Epiosde 27.

In which episode of Inuyasha did Inuyasha attempt to kiss kagome?

Episode 18 of InuYasha the final Act

What is the second season of Inuyasha ccalled?

The second season of inuyasha is called Inuyasha: The final acts.

What is inuyasha's favorite color?

Inuyasha's favorite color is red.