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Episode 18 of InuYasha the final Act

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Q: In which episode of Inuyasha did Inuyasha attempt to kiss kagome?
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Which episode inuyasha is about to kiss kagome in her bedroom?

he doesnt kiss her in her room

What episode do InuYasha and Kagome kiss in?

Inuyasha and Kagome kiss in episode of Inuyasha Kanketsu hen (the final act) They also kiss in the second movie, Inuyasha the movie: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. They almost kiss in episode 18 of Inuyasha Kanketsu hen and they almost kiss in ep 14 (not kanketsu hen)

What inuyasha episode does koga try to kiss kagome?

He never does.

What episode does inuyasha try to kiss kagome?

Inuyasha doesn't try to kiss Kagome in any of the episodes. However on episode 14 it would seem that he is trying to kiss her when he really is looking deep into her eyes to try to see Miko (pristess) Kikiyo in her, since Kagome is Kikiyo rencarnation. The only time where Kagome and Inuyasha do kiss is on 'Inuyasha the movie 2' I'm sorry if this is what you weren't looking for.

Which episode does inuyasha kiss kikyo in front of kagome?

Yes, in Inuyasha The Final Act episode 10. But he kissed her when Kikyo was already dying.

What chapter did Inuyasha try to kiss Kagome?

On inuyasha episode 15 he does it is so funny and sad

What are the episodes kagome and inuyasha kiss in?

InuYasha: The Final Act Episode 26: Towards Tomorrow

What episode does human Inuyasha kiss kagome?

From my memory Inuyasha doesnt ever kiss Kagome in his human form, Im not sure though but about 80% sure he doesnt

How many people kiss kagome in Inuyasha Who were they?

Kagome doesn't kiss anyone but Inuyasha. As for Inuyasha he has kissed both Kikyo and Kagome.

What episode does inuyasha kiss kagome?

Inuyasha and kagome first kiss is at the end of the second movie:(The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass)which aired between episode 95 and 96. Also indeed kagome and inuyasha do kiss in the second movie, they also kiss in InuYasha! Kanketsu-hen! episode 26-towards tomorrow ive only watched up to episode 73 and movie 1 and 3. but they never kiss in those ones. but kikyo kisses inuyasha in some of the episodes and in the first movie. and even if they did kiss in the 2nd movie, that doesnt count because the movies are just fillers. so technically they havent kissed.

What episode did Inuyasha almost leave with kiko?

It was episode 23 the name of the episode is "Kagome's voice and Kikyo's kiss"

Inuyasha the final act kagome and Inuyasha kiss?

Well I'm not sure that Inuyasha kiss Kagome as a human, but I remember on episode 13 Inuyasha said something nice to Kagome. this is what he said " you smell nice" and Kagome said "Huh? What? You said you don't like my smell" then Inuyasha sid " That was a lie." That was a sweet moment, I love it...