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It is the second movie it is a little while before inuyasha and kagome kiss.

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Q: What episode does kanna get the robe of the fire rat in inuyasha?
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What is Inuyasha's fire rat called?

The robe of the fire rat. That's all its called

Does inuyasha ever change his cloths?

Inuyasha wears the robe of the fire rat. This robe protects him from the harmful effects of fire. He wears a shirt underneath it, that is just a regular robe. This goes down to at least his knees, which is why his pockets are the same color as his bage robe. It is unknown why he wears giant pants, Takahashi claims it is a traditional Feuda Japan outfit.

Where can you find a inuyasha robe and neckles?

look on e-bay for robe and trade me for neckless

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How does Inuyasha's dad die?

It doesn't say how he died in the series, but in the third InuYasha movie, InuYasha: Swords of an honourable Ruler, it is said that his father died from a human who was in love with his wife. After battling Ryukotsai, he returns to Izaoyi, InuYasha's mother, in time to see his newborn son. When he arrives, he finds that somebody, I can't remember who, is abiut to kill InuYasha and his mother by burning their house down. He finds Izaoyi inside with baby InuYasha, and gives them the kimono of the fur of the fire rat, and they escape, leaving him behind to battle with the "murderer", but because he is so weak from his previous battle, he gets defeated and dies

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