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Yes, in Inuyasha The Final Act episode 10. But he kissed her when Kikyo was already dying.

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Episode 23: Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss

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episode 8 kanketsu-hen

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Q: Which episode does inuyasha kiss kikyo in front of kagome?
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How tall is inuyasha kikyo and kagome?

InuYasha is 5'6 Kikyo is 5'2 Kagome is 5'1

What episode is when inuyasha wouldn't look at kagome?

Episode 14 '' Kikyo's Stolen ashes''

What inuyasha episode is it when kikyo steals the shards from kagome and tricks everyone?

on episode 33

What episode did Inuyasha almost leave with kiko?

It was episode 23 the name of the episode is "Kagome's voice and Kikyo's kiss"

Does inuyasha ever get over kikyo?

No, he chooses Kagome. Kikyo's not really alive--she lives off the souls of other people's --and Kagome makes more sense, anyway. Also, Kagome and Kikyo are very different people, regardless of Kagome being Kikyo's reincarnation .But...yes, Inuyasha chooses Kagome, he loves her for who she is anyway--not for Kikyo. Ep 47-48 he chooses to be with Kikyo, but that doesn't happen, because Kikyo will die and Kagome is ended up to be with Inuyasha, and Inuyasha and Kagome were born for eachother not Inuyasha and Kikyo. Although Inuyasha does love Kikyo, but also Kagome.

Did Kikyo marry Inuyasha?

No. Kagome and InuYasha did, sort of.

Who does inuyasha pick kagome or kikyo?

InuYasha never actually picks. It's a complicated situation. In the end Kikyo dies for good, and does not come back to life. So, he's left with Kagome. In the end, InuYasha and Kagome get married, but who knows what would've happened if Kikyo lived? I think he would've chosen Kagome because their bond was greater than his bond with Kikyo. In the end, he never picks. He is merely left with no choice but to stay with Kagome. Although, he will never forget Kikyo.

Did inuyacha marry kikyo?

Inuyasha didnt marry kikyo inuyasha marries kagome

Who does Inuyasha likes?

InuYasha was in love with Kikyo 50 yrs ago but due to Naraku's interference, Kikyo died while InuYasha was sealed to the Tree of Ages (or Sacred Tree). All in All Inuyasha is also in love with Kagome who is Kikyo's reincarnation. But In my opinion Inuyasha loves Kagome more then Kikyo (considering that's who he ends up with in InuYasha: The Final Act).

Why does Inuyasha pick Kagome over Kikyo?

Well, technically, Inuyasha fell in love with her first. The episode Kagome kisses Inuyasha is episode 14 Kagome fell in love with Inuyasha because he always saved her when someone was trying to steal the sacred jewel shards and stuff.

How many people kiss kagome in Inuyasha Who were they?

Kagome doesn't kiss anyone but Inuyasha. As for Inuyasha he has kissed both Kikyo and Kagome.

Does kagome kill kikyo in Final act episode 8?

Not really, though she may have been jealous of her at one point, due to Inuyasha loving Kagome as well as her.