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episode 191 in original series

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Q: What episode is it when goten first turns super saiyan?
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When does goten go super saiyan?

He Turns super saiyan at episode 206,Hope it helped...............And Gohan IS Surprised!!To be very exact, we don't know, but it was sometime before episode 206; Goten revealed that he could do it for some time before hand, but didn't use it because it freaked out Chi-Chi.

Did goten became a super saiyan 2?

they never say it but in episode 247 the fusion dance the auro surrounds the place so i think they can

What episode does goku turn super saiyan 3?

Episode 230 "Super Saiyan 3"

Is goten stronger or gohan?

Gohan is stronger because he can super saiyan 2 and Goten can't also Gohan trained a lot longer than Goten.Goten can only go above super saiyan one when fused with Trunks.

Can Goten turn SSJ4?

No, Goten was not shown having the ability to transform into super saiyan 4 over the case of DragonBall GT.

Can you use family kamehameha in raging blast 2?

Unfortunatly, no. You can do Father-Son Kamehameha with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan though. Actually you can just be super saiyan gohan and have super saiyan goten on your team -- dbz11

Who is stronger pan or goten?

Definitly Goten. He was able to transform into a super saiyan when he was 7. Pan is 9 and can't transform into one. Also Gotne is half saiyan, half human and Pan is a quarter saiyan and 3 quarters human.

How many super sayain where on dragon ballz?

There are 6 Super Saiyans, Trunks, Vegeta, First Super Saiyan (Unnamed), Goku, Goten, and Gohan, without the movies, fusions, and future counterparts. Every single one would be 12, Vegeta, Trunks, Future Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Future Gohan, Goten, Gotenks, Gogeta, Broly, First Super Saiyan (Unnamed), and Vegito.

When does goku become super saiyan 2 first time?

episode 286

What episode do goku learns super sayian?

he doesn't learn never.he first goes super saiyan in episode 95.

What episode does gohan go super saiyan 2?

Actually Gohan goes super saiyan 2 in the episode The Unleashing.

What episode does goku turn into super saiyan 3?

230. Super Saiyan 3?! no it's episode 245 because i just watched it