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Epsiode 222

Vegeta struggles against Mojinn Buu

And whenever trunk and goten go in to help vegeta know what he must do.

He holds trunks for the last time and knocks them out saving them from an awful fate:(

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Q: What episode does vegeta hug trunks?
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What episode does vegeta take trunks to the park?

he says he will take him but there is no episode with vegeta and trunks going to the park :)

Is there a episode when vegeta spanks trunks?

none probably

What episode does trunks turn super saiyan in front of vegeta?

Trunks turns Super Saiyan in front of Vegeta in the episode, "Take Flight Videl".

What episode do Bulma and Vegeta get married?

There is no episode to which Bulma and Vegeta get married. Although, sometime in the series, Vegeta does refer to Bulma as his wife, but like I said above, no episode of the two getting married.

Who is Trunks Dad?

vegeta is trunks dad and bulma is trunks mom

Who is trunks father?


In Dragon Ball Z what episode is trunks born?

I think that the episode trunks show when he was a baby was episode 150 - 170.they first show trunks with sword and new born baby trunks in the episode when goku finally returns from the planet namek :)

Who is vegeta jr father from dragon ball gt?

He is a descendent of Vegeta and Bulma, but it is never revealed who his father is. Most likely he is the grandson of Trunks because of the age of Pan in that episode.

Who were vegeta's kids?

Trunks and Bulla.

What episode does trunks turn super saiyan for the first time?

Episode 207, "Take Flight Videl", while at 150x gravity and vegeta punches him in the face. Hahahaa

What are the names of vegeta and bulmas kids?

he only has one son and one daughter (Trunks and Bra) you might be getting confused with another member of his family possibly vegita. JR (his great great grandson from the last episode of DBGT)

Is Vegeta stronger than Trunks?

Normally he wouldn't be but if Trunks trained like hell a lot, then eventually he would be stronger than Vegeta.