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I think that the episode trunks show when he was a baby was episode 150 - 170.

they first show trunks with sword and new born baby trunks in the episode when goku finally returns from the planet namek :)

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As a baby, Trunks first appears in Dragon Ball Z episode 111, when Goku and the gang are waiting for the arrival of the Androids. Bulma is holding young Trunks, while Krillan and Gohan look in shock. (They thought Yamcha was the dad, but it's actually Vegeta.) Yamcha tells them that he's not the dad and to guess who it really was. Goku goes up to Trunks and says, "I bet it's Vegeta, huh? Right, Trunks?" Bulma stares at Goku and asks him how he knew it was Vegeta, and how he knew Trunk's name. Goku starts stuttering and that's when Piccolo appears. ( Earlier, after Goku came back to Earth from being in space for 1 year and a half, future Trunks tells Goku all of this before and tells Goku not to tell Bulma or Vegeta, or they may not have married and had Trunks.)

Yeah, I know. More information than you needed, but there you go. Episode 111 of Dragon Ball Z.

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Q: In Dragon Ball Z what episode is trunks born?
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Which episode of Dragon Ball Z is Trunks born?

The Androids Appear

What is the episode that Goten is born?

goten isnt born in dragon ball he is born in dragon ball z

How did trunks come on Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Trunks used a time machine that his mother bulma made and came back in time before he was born and then took down frieza. The first episode he is in is There is Planet Earth Father! Frieza and King Cold Strike Back!

How do you beat the robot on Dragon Ball Z transformation?

i remeber than when future trunks and krillin destroy the born of cell and it make by dr gero.

when was Goku from "Dragon Ball /Z/GT/super" born?

he was born 1956 according to the creator of dragon ball series, Akira Toriyama

What episode did Goku kill buu?

well there is first battle in which Goku lost and baby almost killed Goku. Fortunately Kobito Kai saved Goku that was on DBGT episode 29. Then Goku appeared for a rematch and with his grown tale he was able to transform into Super saiyan 4 and destroyed Baby. That was on DBGT episodes 33-39.

What comes after Dragon Ball?

Well, there is the order for the Dragon Ball series: 1 - Dragon Ball (starts with Goku as a child and finishs when Goku marrys) 2 - Dragon Ball Z (starts when Gohan, Goku's son born, and finishs when Z Fighters beat Majin Buu) 3 - Dragon Ball GT (starts when Goku is training with Uub and finishs when Goku finds 7 Black Star Dragon Balls and the dragon grants his wish) 4 - Dragon Ball AF (i don't know about it but Goku there goes ssj5) P.S. As for Dragon Ball Kai, that's like Dragon Ball Z but its redrawn.

What episode of Dragon Ball Z did Gohan and Videl kissed?

They never show Gohan and Videl kiss, but at the end of the movie 'Fusion Reborn' it is implied by Goten and Trunks that they saw them kissing when they were spying on them, though it was offscreen. As for the proposal, it too isn't ever shown. It happens some time after Episode 288 and before Episode 289 (along with the Marriage and Pans birth). Since the movie 'Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!' is in year 776 and Pan is likely conceived in 778 (born in 779) it is to be assumed to have happened at some time in that 3 year span.

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Gotenks Is Born 6-14?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Gotenks Is Born 6-14 was released on: USA: 8 October 2002

What season of Dragon Ball Z is go tanks born?

Gotenks is born in season 9

When is Trunks birthday?

Chibi Trunks was born June 16th and Futher Trunks is November 21st-november 30th

How was turles born in Dragon Ball Z?

same way u were with a mommy and a daddy