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he was born 1956 according to the creator of dragon ball series, Akira Toriyama

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Q: When was Goku from "Dragon Ball /Z/GT/super" born?
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What comes after Dragon Ball?

Well, there is the order for the Dragon Ball series: 1 - Dragon Ball (starts with Goku as a child and finishs when Goku marrys) 2 - Dragon Ball Z (starts when Gohan, Goku's son born, and finishs when Z Fighters beat Majin Buu) 3 - Dragon Ball GT (starts when Goku is training with Uub and finishs when Goku finds 7 Black Star Dragon Balls and the dragon grants his wish) 4 - Dragon Ball AF (i don't know about it but Goku there goes ssj5) P.S. As for Dragon Ball Kai, that's like Dragon Ball Z but its redrawn.

Why Goku Jr meet Goku not at the end of dragon ball GT?

Because he wasn't born until a little less than 100 years later.

Is gohan older than Goku?

Vegeta was born in the fictional year of 732. Goku was born in 737. This makes Vegeta five years older than Goku.

What is the episode that Goten is born?

goten isnt born in dragon ball he is born in dragon ball z

What episode did Goku kill buu?

well there is first battle in which Goku lost and baby almost killed Goku. Fortunately Kobito Kai saved Goku that was on DBGT episode 29. Then Goku appeared for a rematch and with his grown tale he was able to transform into Super saiyan 4 and destroyed Baby. That was on DBGT episodes 33-39.

In Dragon Ball Z what episode is trunks born?

I think that the episode trunks show when he was a baby was episode 150 - 170.they first show trunks with sword and new born baby trunks in the episode when goku finally returns from the planet namek :)

What is DragonBall Z?

Dragon Ball ZA popular anime/manga series created by Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of Dragon Ball. Goku, a powerful monkey being, who is now a young adult, is now married to a woman named Chi Chi (who he met in Dragon Ball as he was told by the Ox King, a gigantic man, to find). They have a son named Gohan. Gohan is only a toddler in the series and is a wimpy, cry-baby boy, not anything like Goku and since Chi Chi is forcing him to study, Goku can't train him. Goku and Gohan go to Roshi's (Goku's master while he was a child) 'Kame/Turtle' House. They also see Goku's friends, sassy girl Bulma and short boy Krillin, now older and wiser like him. As they are reuniting, a powerful being named Raditz interrupts this short reunion and states he is searching for Goku. Raditz claims Goku is his younger brother and also that Goku is a 'Saiyan', a race of monkey-tailed warriors who are the ultimate beings in the universe, because in the moonlight, they can morph into demon apes. Goku refuses and Raditz easily pummels the strongest warrior into the water, already seeing Goku useless as his tail was cut off in Dragon Ball. The being steals Gohan and tells Goku to anhilate 100 humans and show them to him. Only then will he get his son back. Will Goku be so desperate, he'll kill his own friends? And what will happen to Gohan while he is with his diabolical uncle, Raditz?To find out more, read comic/manga vo. 1 of Dragon Ball Z or if you want to read the entire story, then read vo. 1 of Dragon Ball. Order online, go to malls, or bookstores.that's only the 1st season. there are at least 5 or more seasons. in them you watch as all the enchanting characters go on their journeys to recover the dragon balls and save the universe from multiple villains! there are many characters! each has his/her own distinct personality. but don't think that its just about recovering stupid balls though. you watch characters live thruogh their lives. some die, some live, some are born into the special life of the saiyans. it is definitely a story that you want to read or watch on tv. PS-season 5 comes out on DVD on may 27th!!!!

Who is Fasha on Dragon Ball Z?

Fasha is a female saiyan warrior. She was in Bardock's elite team. In the anime, Dodoria kills her, along with the rest of the team, except Bardock, who is later killed by Frieza. Some mistakenly believe that Fasha is Goku's mother, and/or that she's Bardock's woman, but she has no connections to Bardock other then being a member of his team. Goku was born around the time she and the rest of Bardock's crew were attacking Kanassa.

Which episode of Dragon Ball Z is Trunks born?

The Androids Appear

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Gotenks Is Born 6-14?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Gotenks Is Born 6-14 was released on: USA: 8 October 2002

What season of Dragon Ball Z is go tanks born?

Gotenks is born in season 9

Who is Uub from Dragon Ball Z?

He is the reincarnation of majin buu. While goku was fighting buu, he said that buu once had good in him before turning pure evil. Goku wished that buu could come back as a good person. King yenma heard the wish and made it happen and thus, uub was born.