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Either in episodes 5 - 9 . I'm guessing though. :D

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Q: What episode does shade saves rein?
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What episode did rein want to go with shade in a festival?

I'm guessing it's between episode's 30-40. Try episode 32. I'm pretty sure that's the correct one.

Who do Shade the echidna love?

Shade may be in love with Rein in the manga. But in the anime, he's falling for Fine.

Is there a third season of fushigiboshi no futagohime?

yes and in it fine and shade are together and bright and rein....fine and shade marry and rein and bright...they kiss in third series and also hav ...u know >.<

Who is the partner of princess rein shade or bright?

In the manga..Shade (which is the best partner for her! Lol) But in the anime, Bright (Do. Not. Want.) lulz hope I helped~!

Who does Shade love in Futago Hime?

Rein in the beginning in the series but by the end and the beginning of the second season shade began to realize he likes Fine!

What victorious episode is when tori saves beck?

Episode 14

Which episode in Inuyasha Sesshomorldaru saves rin from the under world?

*Sesshomaru Episode 35

Who was singing in the episode iCarly saves TV?


What episode does ikuto save amu from an x egg then tadase saves them from falling?

Episode 51

What episode does dragon luffy saves luffy from a death?

it is episode 53 .. chapter 100 in manga

What episode does shade kiss fine in fushigi boshi no futago hime or gyu?


Which episode does bloom save sky in the winx?

when does bloom SAVE sky