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Yes, but it is not an episode, it is the movie Pokemon 2000 (at the end)

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Q: Is there an episode in Pokemon in which Misty saves Ash from drowning?
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When does ash drown in Pokemon?

It is in the sexond movie (pokemon 2000). He drowns after falling off Lugias back and Misty saves him.

Which Episode of Tokyo Mew Mew does Lettuce Save and Kiss Ryou?

In Episode 41 Lettuce saves Ryou from drowning and she kiss him while he is unconcious.

Doesn't Ash like Misty?

Well, misty definetly likes ash. In Pokemon the movie 2000 misty talks to a girl called melody and this is what they say: Melody: I should have never have brought ash here, i must save him. Here take my flute. Misty: *Shakes head and gives flute back to Melody* No I'll go look for ash. You need to stay and play your song. Besides, ash is never really alone because he always has me. Then misty saves ash from drowning. The thing is ash never thanks misty. He has no interest in her what so ever. Which is really sad. Because as you know all us poke fans would love them to get together but unfortunatley this can never be.

What is the ring called that saves you from drowning?

Life Buoy

In what series does doug ross save the drowning boy?

Doug Ross saves the boy in ER season 2 Episode 7, Hell and High Water. Most amazing episode over. It made me understand why Harper cheated on Carter.

What page does Jacob save Bella when she is drowning?

Jacob saves Bella in the ocean on page 381 of the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer.

What is the name of the Pokemon episode when May and Drew watch the sunset together?

in the episode where may saves drew i think its in the pokemon series

Is the Pokemon delibird legendary?

yes but there is more than one delibird like rotom cause in the episode when delibird saves pikachu proves it is

What victorious episode is when tori saves beck?

Episode 14

How does a dolphin save peoples lives?

it saves peoples lives by keeping tham from drowning

How many saves can you have in Pokemon Black and White?

Unlimited saves.

Which episode in Inuyasha Sesshomorldaru saves rin from the under world?

*Sesshomaru Episode 35