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In Episode 41 Lettuce saves Ryou from drowning and she kiss him while he is unconcious.

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Q: Which Episode of Tokyo Mew Mew does Lettuce Save and Kiss Ryou?
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In which Tokyo Mew Mew episode did Lettuce kiss Ryou?

Lettuce kissed him in episode 41.

In the episodes Tokyo Mew Mew does Ryou kiss Ichigo?

yes he did kiss ichigo in episode 36

Tokyo mew mew does ryou and ichigo dance?

In the Tokyo Mew Mew anime, Ryou and Ichigo do not have a dance scene together. Their relationship primarily focuses on their work as part of the Mew Mew team and their shared goal of protecting the Earth.

What Tokyo mew mew episode does Ryou ride his motorcycle?

Episode 50.

Who is Tokyo Mew Mew's Ichigo going to fall in love with?

She really falls in love with Masaya but sometimes they try to put her with Ryou to make it more suspenseful and exciting. In Tokyo Mew Mew episode 50 or Tokyo Mew Mew volume 7 it pretty much shows she ends up with Masaya. Ryou doesn't end up with Lettuce...YAY!! But in vol 7 it says she loves ryou and Masaya.

What episode of Tokyo Mew Mew does Ryou wait tables while the mews are away?

Its Episode 6!

In the manga of Tokyo mew mew did ryou kiss ichigo?

No, in the manga of Tokyo Mew Mew, Ryou does not kiss Ichigo. Their relationship is more focused on teamwork and fighting together as Mew Mews against the aliens threatening Earth.

In Tokyo Mew Mew which episode did Ryou cry?

He didn't cry in Tokyo Mew Mew EDIT by: IchigoRyouAlto: He cries as a child in a flashback in episode 36.

What does ryou think of lettuce?

he thinks of her like the rest of the...mews there isn't much evidence that ryou LIKE lettuce. (so sorry for all the lettuce and ryou fans)

Which Tokyo mew mew episode are the cutest?

I think the ones where Ichigo and Ryou are together happily! lol!

What anime is ryou shirogane in?

Ryou Shirogane is a character in the anime series "Tokyo Mew Mew." He is a scientist who works with the Mew Mews to help them fight against aliens threatening Earth.

Are mew Lettuce and Ryou in love?

no in volume 7 it states that ryou loves ichigo but it says nothing about him loving lettuce.also nothing ever happens between them in the books.ce sorry,lettuce with ryou fans.