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In Naruto, Sakura almost drowns but Naruto saves her... (of course she thanks Sauske).. anyway its episode 103, something about a race. Its filler

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like every episode! nah i'm joking. she almost dies against sasori.

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Plenty of them.

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Q: What episode does sakura almost dies?
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Who almost died the most time sakura or jiraya?

well sakura almost died a lot of times on in naruto episode 141,and on shippuden when naruto saves her from sora episode 60-69 i think,jiraya died soo i say its sakura

What episode does sakura learn to be a medical ninja?

Sakura was in a nurse uniform in episode 213 (filler).

In what episode of shippundo did Sakura tell Naruto she loves him?

No sakura doesn't tell him in the anime, she tells him in the manga chapter 469. In the anime hinata tells naruto that she loves him and almost dies for him also what episode did sai talk to sakura about her feelings for naruto i cant find it :(

Sakura haruno dies?

I think she dies in shippuden.Rumors are not clear. she almost died cuz of sasori but dey say she will die when konoha will B attack by kyuubi

In what episode of cardcaptor sakura does yukito reject sakura and syaoran comforts her?

Episode 66.

What episode of house is it when a guy almost dies from his dead cats parasites?

eighteenth episode in the fifteenth season

Who dies in the battle of Sasuke and sakura?

No one dies. Sakura heals herself and sasuke backs off

What episode was sakura a perv?

Sakura was never a perv

What episode has Sakura's childhood?

sakura fights in many episodes but the first one is episode 32

What episode in cardcaptor sakura did Fujitaka Kinomoto went to sakura's school?

i believe that was episode 12 :)

What episode does Sakura Kinomoto and Princess Sakura meet in tsubasa?

In episode one trillion and five.

What is the episode of Naruto that Sakura gets her hair cut off?

sakura blossums in the forest of death ark Episode 32; Sakura Blossoms!