What episode does sakura train with tsunade?

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Sakura asks Tsunade to train her in episode 141.

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Original series 220

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Q: What episode does sakura train with tsunade?
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Related questions

Why did tsunade make sakura as her subordinate?

Sakura had a desire to become stronger, as she was tired of relying on Naruto. Tsunade agreed to train her.

How long does sakura train for with tsunade?

3 years

In which episode does Sakura fights Tsunade?

They are seen practising in Shippuden episode 1-2.

Why is Sakura called second tsunade or young Tsunade?

Most likely because Sakura was Tsunade's student. Also because Sakura has the same brute strength as Tsunade does.

Is tsunade also the sansei of sakura?

I assume you mean sensei............ But yes, Tsunade teaches Sakura.

Who is strongeer sakura or tsunade?

Tsunade because sakura is still in training but there are hints that say that once shes older she will be the new tsunade if not stronger

Why did Sakura ask Tsunade for training and what jutsu did she learn?

When Sakura realises that she is too weak to help other people, she decides to become a medical ninja and learn medical secrets from Tsunade. She learned how to heal people and also she now has great strength in her body just like Tsunade

Who is better ino or sakura?

Sakura and Ino was (in part1) about ecual in strength, but in Shippuden, Sakura is stronger than Ino. Ino's total stat is 21 and Sakura's stat is 26. Sakura gained enough strength and beauty thanks to Tsunade. Jiraiya said that Tsunade did a good job in making a younger Tsunade and Kakashi even said Sakura can surpass tsunade.

Why sakura took training from tsunade?

She took Tsunade's training to get stronger

Why do Ino and sakura hate each other?

Ino and Sakura fought in the Chunin Exams , it was mentioned that their strength is equal. However, even though Sakura trained with Lady Tsunade , they both are still equal in strength. During the time-skip Sakura got stronger thanks to Tsunade and Sakura gained enough beauty too. Some say she is younger version of Tsunade or someone who could surpass Tsunade. And for Ino she improved a bit but i say Sakura is stronger.

Is Ino and tsunade alike?

Not Really. Sakura And Tsunade Are More Alike Than Ino.

In Naruto shippuden episode 40 what does orochimaru mean that he has seen that face often after looking at Sakura?

She resembles Tsunade. And orochimaru was on the same team as she was.