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She resembles Tsunade. And orochimaru was on the same team as she was.

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Q: In Naruto shippuden episode 40 what does orochimaru mean that he has seen that face often after looking at Sakura?
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What episode in naruto does urochi maru die?

orochimaru dies in episode 138 of naruto shippuden

What naruto episode did itachi fight orochimaru?

naruto shippuden epidode 113

In which episode does Naruto find Sasuke in Orochimaru's hideout?

Shippuden 51

What episode of naruto do sasori and deidara talk about orochimaru?

It's after the ending credits in episode 25 of naruto shippuden.

What episode did Naruto get in a fight with the orochemaro?

I believe it was from episodes 40-43 of Naruto Shippuden when Naruto fought OROCHIMARU*

When naruto shippudden started why was squad 7 looking for sasake?

The scene with squad 7 looking for Sasuke in the first Shippuden episode was taken from a later Shippuden episode in the Japanese version. They are looking for Sasuke because Naruto and Sakura want to save him from Orochimaru and bring him back to Konoha.

In which episode of naruto shippuden does Sasuke live with Orochimaru?

right in the start of the first chapter

In naruto Shippuden episode 114 who cut off a hand?

Itachi cuts of Orochimaru's hand

In which episode did Sasuke kill orochimaru?

In episode 114 of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke seals Orochimaru in himself by backfiring Orochimaru's own technique to switch bodies. Sadly, Orochimaru is still alive in side Sasuke. In a future episode where Sasuke and Itatchi fight, Orochimaru takes control of Sasukes body for a little while before Itachi kills him for good.

Which episode does Sarutobi fight Orochimaru?

Naruto has never really fought Orochimaru in his own form, however he did fight him in his Kyuubi form in Shippuden episode 42 titled 'Orochimaru vs Jinchuriki'.

In naruto what episode was the one sasuke uchia gets bitten by orochimaru?

start from episode 29 and keep on going until you find the episode. But it's worth it. The episodes are really cool!!!

Which episode is it that Naruto Sakura and Jeremiah go into Orochimaru's base not in Shippuden to rescue Sasuke?

its Jiraiya!!!! not jeremiah!!!!!!! a true naruto fan would know that BELEIVE IT!!!!