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Naruto Shippuden episode 154 - Decryption

Without anime opening (Roughly at 13:30 when he gets reverse-summoned)

With anime opening (Roughly at 15:00 when he gets reverse-summoned

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Q: What episode does naruto go to mount myoboku?
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How do you get Naruto Hokage in Naruto ultimate ninja storm 2?

Go to Mount Myoboku to the rooms with the elder toads in it. Go to the statue in the corner and pray to it. This should result in unlocking Naruto: Hokage.

How Do You Get The Naruto Hokage In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

It is possible to get the Naruto Hokage costume from Mount Myoboku ,first go to Mount Moyoboku ,then enter the old frogs room (Or maybe outside) ,you should find a statue ,investigate it and you will acquire the costume.

How do you get Hokage Naruto in Naruto ninja storm 2?

you have to go to Mount Myoboku and go into Fukusaku's house and pray to that praying stone (sorry i cant remember what its called) but after you pray to it it will tell you that you have unlocked Hokage Naruto. (but I'm not sure if you have to beat the game to do it) :)

How do you get Hokage Naruto's costume in Naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

After Completing the Invasion of Pain Arc take Naruto to Mount Myoboku (home of the toads) and go into the main building. There will be a statue to pray at. Pray and you shall be rewarded. You can now play as Hokage Naruto. It is not an individual character but instead a costume of Sage Naruto.

In which episode of Naruto Shippuden does Hinata talls Naruto she loves him?

episode 166 GO NARUTO

Do Hinata and Naruto go out if so what episode is it?

No, Hinata and Naruto never go out.

What episode in naruto does sasuke and his new group go to the hot sping?

Naruto Shippuden Episode 161 at the end its funny!

In which Naruto Shippuden episode does Naruto see Hinata by a tree and tells her to shut up and go with him?

It's episode 33.

In what episode does Naruto go on a misson with Ino?

When they go after kabuto

When does Naruto 190 come out?

Go to YouTube and put in naruto episode 190 and see it there

What pisode does Naruto go to training?

I do not know what pisode means but if the question was "What episode does Naruto go to training?" the answer to that is. Naruto trains in many episodes and learns more techniques throughout the series so there is no one specific episode that naruto trains on.

Where can you go to watch naruto episode 5?