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It's episode 33.

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Q: In which Naruto Shippuden episode does Naruto see Hinata by a tree and tells her to shut up and go with him?
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What is the episode when hinata tells naruto that she loves him?

Naruto Shippuden - Episode 166 - Confessions Naruto Shippuden - Manga 437 - Confessions

Is there a episode does naruto know hinata likes him?

Yes, she tells Naruto that she loves him in Shippuden episode 166.

Does Naruto find out that Hinata likes him?

Yes, she tells him in Shippuden episode 166.

Does any one confess there love in Naruto or Naruto shippuden?

yes... when Hinata fights Pain and she's about to die(But saved by Sakura) she tells Naruto she loves himWanna know what episode!?!?! Ask someone...

Will Naruto ever find out that Hinata likes him?

Yes, I've heard she tells him in shippuden.

In which Naruto shippuden episode does Naruto realize that he is the fourth Hokage's son?

Not yet. However, in the manga he discovers it when many tails appear after believing hinata to be dead; his father tells him the truth and calms him down.

Did sasuke ever had feelings for sakura?

Hinata tells Naruto how she feels when she tries to save Naruto. She tells him in the episode where Naruto is fighting Pain.

What Naruto episode does Hinata give flowers to Naruto?

Naruto never tell Hinata that he likes her. However, Hinata tells Naruto she likes him in episode 437, titled Confessions.

Who does sakara like in Naruto Shippuden?

Well, in one episode, she tells Naruto she loves him, so I think Naruto.

What episode in Naruto Shippuden does Sakura tell Naruto that she likes him?

She begins to like Naruto in the first episode of Naruto Shippuden. She then begins to care for Naruto more and more as Naruto Shippuden continues.

Do Sasuke love Naruto in Naruto Shippuden?

yes!!!!!! naruto tells him in the second to last episode of naruto shippund oh!!!! they then kissed!!!!!!!

What epispde on naruto did they birng byakugan back?

If you're referring to the episode in which Neji is chosen to bring back Hinata from the Cloud shinobi, that is episode 192 in Naruto Shippuden. But if you're talking about the episode where Hiashi tells Neji the truth about his father in which Hiashi himself catches a Cloud shinobi and has to kill that ninja, that is episode 63.