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Trevor Chaffin is wrong,Naruto tells Hinata that he likes people like her in Chapter 98 (Page 14) or Episode 59 (After the convo at the 8:33-12:42) (He tell her that he likes people like her at 12:44-12:50).If you don't believe me go check for yourself.Give a thumbs up if you think I help you.Have a great day!

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In Naruto Shippuden it is episode 166 'Confessions'.

Note: Feel free to watch this episode and any other Naruto or Naruto Shippuden episodes at

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not sure which episode but its when naruto is about to fight pien.

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in the very first episode he already shows he likes sakura.

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Episode 437, titled 'Confessions'.

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Q: What episode did naruto say he like somebody?
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What episode does Hinata say you are not perfect?

Naruto episode 59

Does Naruto curse?

Yes in episode 64 ino says come on get that b word

In naruto What episode did Tenten say that Sasuke is cute?

She never says that

Who is going to be kissed in Naruto only name the couple but don't say when?

all i know is that Naruto and Sasuke kiss in the beginning of the first season on like the 3d episode or something yea

What episode does naruto shippuden movie 3 come after?

say what movie

What episode of Naruto do they say?

Naruto Shippuden - Episode 166 - Confessions Naruto Shippuden - Manga 437 - Confessions

What episode is the US Naruto at?

Currently just started Shippuden (season 2) so I'd say about episode 7

Who kiss who in Naruto?

Correct me if i am wrong, but in the second series of the naruto anime (naruto: shippuden), i believe there is a point where hinata hyuga and naruto kiss each other. thoug i may be wrong i dont think naruto and hinata do. but i know for sure that naruto and sasuke kiss in like naruto shonen jump episode 3 or 4 the name of the episode is 'sakura and sasuke: friend or foe' or something like that.

What episode does naruto find out that the fourth Hokage is his dad?

There is an episode when naruto meet his dad(the 4th hokage). When Naruto was fighting Pain and when he released the nined-tailed fox he was trap in his own mind and then his dad (Minato) stop him Naruto from getting closer to the fox.Then Later Minato say to Naruto that he was his dad.

Hinata will be injured while protecting Naruto and she will say to him that he loves him in what episode?

437. "Confessions"

What Naruto episode is the one where Hinata is asked to say Naruto's name7 times diffenrently?

That wasn't Hinata it was Sakura and it was at the end of Shippuden 142 :)

What episode do Naruto and Hinata meet for the first time in Naruto Shippuden?

She appears in naruto shippuden episode 33