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in the condition itachi's in he'll probably lose but in tip top shape maybe there's hope for itachi who know.

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Killer Bee vs Kisame starts on episode 206 and 207

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 207

The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast

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Killer Bee wins

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Q: What episode does killer bee fight kisame?
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What episode does kisame fight killer bee on

Episodes 206 to 208 deal with Kisame fighting the killer bee on Naruto Shippuden. Kisame has also fought Suigetsu and Team Guy.

Who kiled kisame?

Killer Bee.

What episode does killer bee escape the Akatsuki?

The killer bee escapes the Akatsuki in episode 143. The killer bee switched himself with a tentacle in order to escape.

Who would win in a fight killer bee or pain?

killer bee

Why does kisame's sword betray him?

he was mentioning that the sword preferd killer bees chakra to his, so it stabbed kisame took some of his energy and gave it to killer bee, its actually pretty funny if you think about it.

What episode does Sasuke fight killer bee?

Episode 151: Blazing Byakugan! This is my way of the ninja!

Does Sasuke kill Killer Bee?

As far as the manga goes he has not because Killer Bee lived long enough to fight a pretty awesome battle against Kisame starting from and ending on

Dose kisame die?

kisame dies tring to kill the eight tales but killer bee and his brother use Double Lariat. ( the move is when the Raikage goes on one side of a person's neck and killer bee is on the other side the person's neck and they charge for the neck and crack's the neck from its body.) P.S Kisame sword is alive.

Is kisame really dead or he's still alive?

Yes he is alive. Samehada swallows him and kisame sits inside of it until he can assasinate 8 tailes(Killer Bee)

Did kisame die from Naruto?

They say that he does but he's really in his own sword, Samehada, which Killer Bee is carrying around.

Who will win bee or kisame?

IT will be bee

Did Kiba die?

Nobody really knows yet, aside from maybe Masashi Kishimoto, the writer and artist of Naruto. This may become more clear by the end of the series. Kiba is, as of the latest chapter of the Naruto manga, still alive. and thank god he is still alive at the end of the latest chap. of the naruto manga, he is my fave. charecter! i luv him! *fangirl screams* I am another person and kiba is my favorite too! and I hope he doesn't die!