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Season 7, Episode 15.

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Q: What episode does charlie break up with Chelsea?
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Why did charlie and Chelsea break up on two and a half men?

Charlie and Chelsea broke up because after they met Brad Charlie started to get jealous and he threw up on a baby.. look it up on youtube. In season 7, episode 15, Chelsea comes home in the early hours of the morning and they get in a huge fight. Days later, Chelsea admits she's attracted to Brad, the lawyer.

In Two and a Half Men what woman moves in with Charlie?

Chelsea becomes engaged to Charlie and moves in with him for a while until they break up the engagement.

What episode does charlie get haunted by his ex girlfriends?

You ask him about it and ask how long ago it was, and if he lies about it then break up with him.

Is break it up the last shake it up episode?

No, the episode that is titled "Break It Up" from the TV Show that is called "Shake It Up!" is not the last episode of Shake It Up! "Break It Up" was Episode 20 in total as well as Episode 20 of the first season. Shake It Up! has three seasons.

What episode do Cody and break up in?

break up in Paris

What episode does Eric and Donna break up?

they break up alot of times.

Which episode of Good Luck Charlie did Teddy break up with Spencer?

i would have to say the episode after the break up is the one where teddy and some other girl right a song that they were gonna put on the Internet to embarrass Spencer because he cheated on them with each other

Why did mason musso and Chelsea kay break up?

No source is for certain why Mason Musso and Chelsea Kay broke up. Although, they are for certain that she hurt him deeply and it hurt him to let her go.

Why does Cody break up with baley?

In the episode Break Up In Paris he sees her in the arms of a french guy , and she thinks that he kissed London so they break up

What happened in the last episode of glee?

There is no last episode of glee at the moment, the latest episode is season 4 episode 4: The Break Up

What were songs played on episode 5 of shake it up?

Break out

What channel is Good Luck Charlie on?

Good Luck Charlie airs on Disney Channel.