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Q: What does kun mean as in kun aguero?
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What does sergio aguero have on the back of the Argentina shirt?

kun aguero kun aguero

How tall is kun aguero?

Sergio "Kun" Aguero is 5 ft 8 in.

Are kun aguero and sergio aguero the same person?


Who is Manchester City's Number 16?

Sergio 'Kun' Aguero

Which soccer boots does SERGIO KUN aguero wear?

PUMA Cleats

Does kun aguero play for athletico bilbao or athletico colea?

neither of them, he plays for athletico Madrid

Who is a better player Carlos Tevez or Kun Aguero?

Although Aguero has more goals, overall, Tevez is the "better" player based on stats from 2010/2011.Having more assists than Aguero and at the same time having almost the same amount of Goals scored as Aguero,Tevez shows that he can be a goal scorer as well as a "team" player, something Aguero seems to lack.

What team does Kun Aguero play for?

Kun Aquero is a footballer from Argentina that plays as a striker for the Argentine national team and the Premier League Club Manchester City. Kun Aquero was born on June 2, 1988.

Why does sergio aguero have kun at the back?

i think its his middle name;) he watched a tv show called kum kum when he was little and he was just like the main charater so he got stuck with the nickname kun

Who is the richiest player in world?

Lionel messi and Christiano Ronaldo , Wayne Rooney.

How many goals did sergio aguero score last season?

Tevez has scored 43 goals since he was signed at Manchester City.

Why doesn't Hernandez have his name on his shirt?

Football players can choose which name they want on the back of their shirt. Javier Hernandez has chosen to have his nickname, Chicharito, on his jersey. Kun Aguero is another footballer who comes to mind.