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If you look at other questions i answered what -Chan means but -kun is used to show endearment towards boys. Otherwise it's used to show the person using it knows them well.

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Q: What does -Chan and -kun mean?
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What do the words kun Chan Sama and so on mean in the Naruto episodes like in Naruto-kun?

they are just prefixes at the end of names. Chan is often used for girls and childrenand kun & sama are used for someone when you talk to them informally (or something like that...)

What does -kun at the end of a name mean in Japanese?

"Kun" is a diminuitive. That is, it asserts a degree of familiarity, or in other cases, social superiority. A teacher may refer to his students, or a boss to those who work under him, with "kun." Likewise, it may be used among friends. It is not only used for males, just as 'chan' is not only used for females. Kun is not something you would attach to the name of your social superiors.

Is Ritsuka-kun a boy or girl?

It's obvious when it stands -kun behind the name. Ritsuka-kun is a boy. Well, I'm going to change this answer. Just because the name is Ritsuka-kun doesn't mean it's a boy. It goes the same way for "chan," because it is used for little girls/boys aka Tadashi-chan can be a boy even though "chan" is in the name. the suffix "kun" for girls can be used when a male coworker is addressing a younger female coworker, or when a girl is a tomboy. (ex: Akira-kun) I hoped this helped. :)

What is wanda in Japanese?

It is a name so it would be Wanda-san/kun/chan/nee chan, etc.

What does Chan mean because in sadako her name is sadako sasocki and her father said to her sadako Chan?

You would use them with someone you were close to, like a close friend, brother, or sister. Chan is used with girls names, and kun with boys.-chan = friends, being friendly-san = polite (what you would say until you are more friendly)-sama = to show extreme respect-kun = ....a boy-dono = lord

How do you write i love you in Thai?

ผมรักคุณ Pom rak kun (If you're a man)ฉันรักคุณ Chan rak kun (If you're a woman)

What does onee-kun mean in English?

I'm pretty sure it means "older brother", since onee-chan means "older sister".

Do hinamori-amu-chan and tadese-kun end up together?


What is otochan in Japanese?

Oto-chan means little brother. =3 Suffix can be changed (oto-chan, oto-kun, oto-san, they all mean the same thing) or removed. Also said as ototo-chan or ototo or whatever floats your boat.

What does kun mean as in kun aguero?


What nicknames does Kazuya Kamenashi go by?

Kazuya Kamenashi goes by Kame, Kame-chan, and Ka-kun.

Japanese word for yes?

hai- yes Iie- no chan- young female kun-young male