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Sync is short for synchronize. If you wanted to synchronize audio with video, then all the right sounds would play in accordance with all the right actions in the video, exactly on time. Syncing music usually means editing your video to match the beat or mood of the song at a specific time. For example, action should begin at a beat and during cool parts of the song you can have a less lively clip playing.

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Q: What does it mean to sync your music?
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How do you get your iPod to sync music when it does not sync music?

Go into iTunes and click on your device. Then there will be a tab that says music and check Sync All and then click sync at the bottom :)

How do you sync music to your env touch i have a mac and it says i cant sync cause its not supported?

you can sync music via bluetooth.

How do you sync music to your ipod?

you go into the ipod tab and click on music and then choose the stuff that you want to sync

When im putting music on my mp3 should i sync or shuffle?

a sync and a shuffle are two different things. to put music on your mp3, you sync. when you shuffle you are playing the music in a random order. they are different.

What does sync mean on a android?

A sync on a phone god they have that well i know what a sync on a iPod is and it is where you copy music or photos or vids from the computure to the iPod so mayby its the same on a phone ?? but yeah that's what i think

How do you sync music from a CD to your PC?

First you have to rip the music from the CD in Windows Media Player. Click the rip tab and it should start ripping. Then when it is done, connect your device. Click the Sync tab and drag the files from the CD you ripped. start sync. when it is finished, take out the device and the music should be on. Wait, i think you mean rip. just read how to rip.

Why does windows media player say your music is stopped when you try to sync music to a device?

It Doesnt Say It Has Stopped. It Just Says You Are Sync.

How do you sync iPod music and video to another iPod on Mac?

If not an iOS device, you must sync with computer, then sync with other iPod.

Music band that start with in?

INXS In Sync

If you sync photos on iTunes will it remove your music?

No No

Can you sync music to a jailbroken iPod?

yes you can!

What is mime to music called?

lip sync